​REDFIL SL started his golf project under the name “Agile golf” in October 2001 with the objective of design and manufacture high-quality golf products at a reasonable price.

After designing and organizing the manufacturing process of the first golf clubs arrived into the market in September 2002.

Since then until today, Agile Golf has managed to become part of the ECC market, offering year after year first-class products, making sure to always respect our objective of high-quality products at a reasonable price.

To maintain its quality objectives AGILE Golf has, in all its history, designed, tried and mounted all the products in BARCELONA (Spain), always using shafts from the best brands in the market like UST, NIPPON, KBS, MISTUBISHI RAYON.

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“We are experts in customizing golf clubs according to your morphology and your swing.”



Agile Golf understands that the golf clubs have to be customized based on the morphology and swing of each client. Through a personalized and exhaustive fitting.

Every player is different and their swing characteristics unique.

By using our personal golf club fitting service we can improve your game to lower scores and allow you to develop as a golfer.


Golf Club Repairs

We shorten or lengthen your golf clubs shafts, change grips, glue golf heads, modify loft and lie on your clubs, adjust swingweght, etc…

Golf Fitting Lab

We give our personalised services on fitting and repair also using our moblie workshop at any golf range.