Why do you buy standard golf clubs when your body is morphologically different from someone else’s?

Because it is much more difficult to throw a tiny ball with a club whose impact surface is very small, at a distance of at least 4 times longer than the size of a tennis court.

Due to all this Agile golf knows that every set of golf clubs has to be customized based on the morphology and swing through a personalized and exhaustive fitting.

Many people wonder, is Costume Fitting of clubs necessary for me?

The answer is custom fitting is for everyone. It doesn’t matter which is your play level, custom made clubs will help to improve your game.

​Often people ask us if golf club fitting will really help them or make a difference.

From a beginner to a professional, the improvement in the game is remarkable when using the correct equipment. Adjusted to the strength, swing speed, swing type (flatter or more vertical), the height of each person. With which you obtain more confidence when you are playing.

To do a correct golf club fitting, the following points must be taken into account:

Static analysis of the player:

  • Height
  • Stance angle
  • Hand size
  • Distance from wrist to the ground

Your golf clubs analysis on:

  • Length
  • Loft
  • Lie
  • Total weight
  • Swingweight
  • Shaft weight
  • Club flex by frequency
  • Flex point

Dynamic analysis made with different mountings and shafts on golf clubs, to analyze the results obtained with a radar on:

  • Swing speed
  • Ball speed
  • Ball spin
  • Launch angle
  • Landing angle
  • Carry distance
  • Total distance
  • Power transfer
  • Deviation
  • Face impact

Analysis of the distribution of weight on the golf club.

All this allows us to correctly manufacture the club that each player needs to obtain maximum performance and easier play.


If you are interested in a personalized custom fitting, don’t hesitate to contact us

We will spend at least 2 hours with you. Checking the different options in order to obtain the correct head and shaft to make YOUR CLUBS, not some clubs.



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